Existential Potential

A soliloquy
a dream,
an inability to relate time
or at least it seems

I think of strawberries
I think of mint,
I contemplate
being relevant

It’s relative
It’s near
but I can’t grow thyme,
though my garden is lush
in it’s soul refreshing prime Read more…

The Soul Ease of Nowhere-ness

I fled. I fled my horrid roommates that I pray are not somehow my karmic lesson. I packed my backpack like an adolescent running away from home. I hopped in a cab having no real ideas. I was at least going to the center… to a hostel… to escape… to get some space. When I glance up at a building my eyes water just from having witnessed the quantity of smog that is clinging to the side of the it. Everything feels grey and communist and tastes like the green loogies that I’ve been coughing up for weeks. Read more…

Why Valuing the Sacred Feminine is More Important Than Valuing His Reputation

I have some intense feelings about this and in fairness, I think that’s appropriate. I think we should ALL have intense feelings about this. Written into sexism is the ability to dismiss what women say. “Women are emotional.” “They have PMS.” “Their emotions make them erratic.” “They are vindictive.” Etc. What I’m writing right now will likely be dismissed by some because I’m “always harping about gender inequality”/I’m riled up/I’m a feminist/etc. So in the very fabric of the issue is the ability to dismiss women’s voices. The attitude is often something like, “If she’s freaking out at a level 10 well sure…., something happened but it’s probably REALLY a level 3.” Read more…