Fissile O.U.T. (Optimal Uranium Technology)


“Fissile O.U.T.” is a revolutionary approach to nuclear reactor technology. It is a concept. It’s uniqueness is in its design. The acronym of Fissile O.U.T. stands for “Optimal Uranium Technology, as Fissile O.U.T. is designed to run on Uranium-238. The importance of this is that U-238 is abundant, can be sourced from nuclear waste, and it does not sustain a chain reaction. Read more…

PHYSICISTS! MATHEMATICIANS! SMARTY-PANTS PEOPLE! Want to help me calculate some global energy solutions?


O.N.E. (Omnipotent Network Energy) is a global energy concept that can supply green energy to every place in the world, every 12 hours, for almost ever.  I’m pretty solid about the physics of this.  I am not solid about how much energy can be acquired.   Hence, I need you, and your genius math skills. I welcome any interest and/or assistance with the calculations, and other parts of this  project that intrigues people. Read more…