Men, You Have Already Forfeited Your Right to Request Equality

If your life was not an active stand for women’s equality before this moment in history, then you forfeit your right to indignantly demand that the conversation be about equality now. Because you are not a stand for equality. If you were, you would have been a stand for it when you were smugly getting fat in the winner’s circle. You are a stand for not losing.

You have been winning at this game for a millennia, But only because you’ve been cheating. You stole from us. You stole our safety, our autonomy, our sexual pleasure, our identities, our psychological, and emotional ability, our right to thrive, the rights to our bodies, even our fiscal returns. And don’t tell me that YOU specifically didn’t. If you were not actively fighting for a fair life for women, YES you fucking did. And don’t even try to say you didn’t know. You’ve heard of things like wage gaps. You’ve watched father’s sexually imprison their daughters and encourage their sons to be free. If you don’t know, you chose to be ignorant of it, which garners zero need for us to exhibit empathy for you being complicit in a system that bolstered you at a direct cost to women.

So now that the playing field is becoming level you can not shout that the women must be held to a standard of not cheating, that you, yourself were not willing to live up to. It makes you sound like a pansy-ass, asshole. In fact, when you call out for this discussion to be certain not to “turn into a witch hunt” your hollow request rings of myopic selfishness that you have already lived your life and destroyed the world by.

Listen, I understand. Every time that I drive to the grocery store instead of ride my bicycle, I’m being complicit in a system that destroys the earth because it’s convenient for me, and I’m feeling lazy. I don’t want to look at it either. It’s too painful for me to acknowledge my very real contribution to this destruction that I choose to benefit from daily. Plus it’s hellaciously inconvenient for me to recognize it. But when Mother Nature comes along for her reckoning am I going to rudely demand that she embodies equality and considers my needs? No! Hell no! Am I going to lie and say, I wasn’t being complicit because I just didn’t know? Absolutely not. I’m going to take what she has to deliver as she corrects the course that I demolished with my selfishness.

Here’s the good news for you: we probably won’t cheat. But not because of your blind fear and whining. Instead it will be because we are capable. We have sagacious, extensive sight. We have the generous heart of true warriors. We are unafraid, and we have enough honor to never compress another’s expansion into stagnation or decline simply for our own ascension. We are powerful enough and have enough dignity not to need to. We are assured, and courageous enough to leave room for you in the present that we will save, and in the abundant future we will create. We won’t even arrogantly throw you the scraps as you sacrilegiously did with us. But you need to sit this one out now. The adults are talking. We’ll handle it from here.


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