PHYSICISTS, MATHEMATICIANS, & ALL AROUND GENERAL SMARTY-PANTS PEOPLE! Wanna Help Me Save The World? I Need Some Extra Genius For This Colossal Energy Problem.

I’ve got this super-duper, crazy idea. I’m obsessed, almost like a crazy person, about solving the world’s energy crisis.  (After I finish that, I will move on to plastic pollution. But let’s save the world one colossal problem at a time.) Thank you for joining me. Let’s go save the World.

O.N.E. (Omnipotent Network Energy) is an energy production concept.  I’m pretty solid about the physics of this. And the physics states that this design can get energy every place in the world every 12 hours. I am not solid about how much energy; hence, I need you! And your genius math skills. I welcome any interest and/or assistance with the calculations, and any other part of this wild project that intrigues people.

O.N.E. (Omnipotent Network Energy) is an idea to create magnetic induction from the magnetic poles of the earth itself ultimately causing a Rube Golberg of electromagnetic forces that would cascade to every location on Earth; hence allowing us to harness energy worldwide.

Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 13.44.52

A ring will be built around the Earth like Saturn from a conductive material. Because the Earth’s magnetic axes are a few degrees off of its rotational axis there will be a magnetic flux that will induce an electrical charge through the ring(s).

Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 14.00.21

The electric charge through the ring will then inspire another magnetic field.

Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 22.04.47

Separate stations on Earth will house coils that extend from the Earth towards the ring passing through the induced magnetic field which will generate electricity through the coils. The next step would be to send that electricity through a transformer and distribute. Every region or even community could possess them.

Every station would pass under the ring twice a day; hence every 12 hours every place in the world could gain electricity without depleting the Earth resources regardless of weather conditions or sun fall.  This could eliminate the need for large storage devices.  Batteries could be housed at the stations or the energy could possibly be immediately dispersed throughout communities to individual areas or households and stored on smaller devices there. After the initial cost it is renewable for the foreseeable ever, and attentions can be directed toward refining technologies such as transformers, storage devices’ sustainability and capacity, energy transport, etc.

The environmental impacts should be breathtaking. A full 50% of the globe’s energy is currently supplied from coal and oil. As we move towards self driving electric cars and have the sources to power them, the air quality will be greatly increased.  Reducing emission will improve physical health of many humans and non-human animals and begin to reduce the spike in climate. The 2.4 billion people that rely on traditional biomass for fuel could have other options reducing the number of deaths per year from inhaling particulate indoors, and there is a strong correlation between lack of electricity and poverty. Supplying electricity to the 1.5 billion people that currently live without electricity and another 1billion that have unreliable electricity, will improve the quality of their lives and begin to alter the correlated poverty level.

I made a prezi presentation that pretty much says the same thing with a little more visual aid.  It’s here:  O.N.E. (Omnipotent Network Energy)

Yes there are many foreseeable hurdles such as:

  • Do we have enough copper on Earth?
  • How do we affix a stationary ring around the planet?
  • Does the whole world need to agree?
  • Will it effect the magnetosphere adversely?
  • Funding
  • Green Credits/Carbon Credits
  • etc

But we are super smart creatures who will solve those problems if there is enough impetus to do so; and if I can only get 1 Watt to every place in the world every 12 hours then none of those hurdles matter.

So whaddaya  say? You got the math grit? You wanna help me save the world?

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