Fleshing My Way Through The Days

It’s a fast paced kaleidoscope of laughter, learning, playing, occasional loneliness, self actualization, scraped knees, the beauty of love, the ache of isolation, all endlessly colliding into a novel now.

It’s shaping me as much as I’m shaping it.

The universe and I are both fire raging against each other with our commitment to exist.

I won’t back down….. And so far, neither will she.

I’m a finite allotrope of her curiosity – her best way to see and explore. A mirror made of 1’s & 0’s.

With a firm dare and gentle love we stare down each other’s infinite hall of effigies.

I’m phoenixing my way along a mobius strip.

It’s a reality. It’s shared, but it’s mine.

And there it is.  That’s me… fleshing my way through some days.

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